A Church modeling the life and principles of Jesus Christ”

About Us

We are a holiness church practicing the principles of godliness in our every day life experiences.
We are a spirit-filled body of believers operating according to New Testament teachings.
We operate as an interdependent entity for we believe our Lord’s desire is that every believer should be relational and accountable to other believers.   We believe the Bible to be the highest authority and guide for life and living.
We believe that a believer can walk in victory as a daily life experience.   We believe theologically:
• that the scriptures are inspired.
• the one true God.
• man’s fall and redemption.
• the salvation of man.
• the ordinances of a) water baptism, b) the Lord’s Supper.
• the Holy Spirit – the promise of the Father.
• the sanctification process.
• the church is the body of Christ.
• in divine healing.
• the blessed hope – Christ’s return.
• the lake of fire.
You are welcome to join our fellowship and experience the bonding to other believers as we make a difference in the earth on behalf of the Kingdom of God.
Serving Him
Pastor James Davis